once you get older you begin to understand why your parents did the things they did. i wish i could tell my younger friends that they will understand once they will be older but i also know they have to grow and see it for themselves

(well for most parents. sometimes some parents are just bitches)

i dont want to go to sleep after last nights dream :C

For the past few weeks I have been having trouble sleeping.

I think it might be because of the dreams, or should I say nightmares, I have been having. I always forget what happened in the nightmares but all I know is that they leave me feeling quite disturbed in the mornings.

Sometimes I feel like I remember what happened in these dreams but the next moment it slips my memories. The dreams are strange and creepy, maybe somewhat personal? I dont know how I know but I do :I

This is most likely the reason why I cant sleep probably.

wreck it Ralph doesnt come out till 26th of december in Australia :C

i want to see it now, can i move overseas where its already viewing please

no im back in a good mood, i should not have exploded like that.

crumbs have feelings as well, they can sit on my bed if they want.

and pssh I’ll just for next year to make another wish




i just want to hug everything

you guys are awesome, im awesome. everything is awesome. my dog is beautiful. life is wonderful. im just getting so emotional for no apparent reason.

i really shpuld help my cousin to go cook,
But im at that stage where im in bed underneath the blanket, with the laptop, wearing no pants….
i dont….
i dont think i have it in me to get up and put pants on to help her
im so sorry dear cousin

wow I was actually comtemplating on staying at this school because I felt bad, and then she sends me that text

wow ok definatly moving

thanks for confirming my decision

Had the Zombie shuffle today! Went as a zombie bride and my bestie went as the groom

spent the day running around the city with hundreds of other zombies screaming brains

it twas funtastic

my dad just confirmed that my friend really did say those things to the teacher wow

After all we been through I thought we always had each others backs and she pulls this shit on me

excuse me as I curl up in a corner and cry

I think this is the angriest I have been to my friend

i really hate her right now, im pretty sure she’s the one got me in this situation

fucking thanks. all I have been through to always stick by your side, I always defend you i always fuckin do

i just wish i was never born

the chat just got better

We are in the process of creating a Vivien army

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